About Tim

Tim Piccirillo has been an entrepreneur with a focus on marketing for as long as he can remember.

As a pre-teen, he was always looking for ways to make money by shoveling snow in the winter, raking neighbors leaves in the fall and building a lawn care business at the age of 12. However, he discovered the art of magic at the tender age of 13 and knew that he wanted to be a professional magician by the time he performed his first professional show at 15.

Recognizing there were two parts to show business, Tim took an earnest interest in the “business” side, learning marketing techniques and strategies to build his magic business through high school and college.  After graduating college and working in the disabilities field for 10 years, Tim made the transition to show business full-time. He then started touring with his show in addition to managing an entertainment talent agency he had started right out of college.

He moved into the speaking industry in 1995 and used what he had learned about marketing to become one of the top-ranked education speakers in the US. He’s also spoken to audiences in the corporate and humans services field as well.  He has spoken in 45 states and Canada with his message of success and resilience to clients that include NASA, the US Army, MetLife, the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, North Dakota Mental Health Counselors Association and hundreds of schools across the US and Canada.

Tim Piccirillo - Content Marketing ServicesTim continued learning the most cutting-edge marketing methods through courses and books and became a marketing consultant, in addition to his speaking business, in 2005.  In 2014 he recognized the trajectory of marketing a business effectively was moving toward the online world.  He then shifted his focus to digital marketing methods, came off the road and became a full-time marketing consultant and copywriter.

Tim coaches and consults with small business owners, solo healthcare practitioners and entrepreneurs in industries as diverse as the chiropractic and acupuncture fields, financial planning, law, mental health therapy, drug and alcohol treatment, real estate, software development and many others.  He coaches on how to demonstrate a business’ uniqueness in the marketplace in their particular industry and niche, and teaches owners and marketing professionals how to implement cohesive marketing systems that boost, margins, increase sales and drive growth.

He is still a sought-after keynote speaker and seminar leader, now speaking on topics that include sales, marketing, customer experience, human potential and stress management