Online Marketing Course

Attn: Business Owners and Healthcare Practitioners

“Discover the Secrets to Take Your Business or Healthcare Practice Online to Get More Customers Or Patients and Make More Money!”

A One-Hour Seminar, Recorded “Live”, “Take Your Business Online: How to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Business With The Power of Online Marketing” Helps You to Cut Through the Clutter of All the ‘Info Junk’ Out There About Online Marketing and Teaches You What REALLY Works to Get More Customers and Make More Money In Your Business! 

“I consider myself a pretty good marketer and have been studying and testing different approaches for a while. Working with Tim, and putting a whole “marketing system” in place with his help almost doubled my revenue in less than 90 days.” I would definitely recommend his services to any auto body shop owner that wants to get more cars coming into their shop for repairs.”

Shane Orlando, Owner

Orlando Auto Body Shop

Mesa, AZ

Have you noticed there’s a TON of information online about the various social media platforms, which ones to post on, when to post and even how much to post?

Or how about email marketing? How do you build a list? What email software do you use? When should you send out your email blasts?

Or maybe you’ve heard about the business trend of using the “customer experience” as a marketing edge for your business? Do you know how to use this correctly?

For the average business owner, all this can be overwhelming.

Well, I have good news! I’ve done all the work for you!

I have been studying—and implementing— the information that’s out there and figured out what works and what doesn’t to help you decide what will work best for YOUR business or healthcare practice.

In this one-hour version of my full-day seminar recorded “live”, I spill the beans about what’s currently working in the online world to get YOUR business noticed, develop and grow a following and ultimately, SELL your products and services.  I believe in setting up “marketing systems” to help generate a steady stream of leads beating down your door for what you want to sell, using all the online “tools” at your disposal.  I purposely edited the seminar down to only give you the best content that you can put to use RIGHT NOW in your business.

I teach you how to use your website, social media, email marketing, your customer’s experience with you–and a whole lot more–to get people to “raise their hands” so that you can sell them your products and services. And my system will work for ANY business, nonprofit, healthcare practice or movement you want to promote.

Here are just a few of the topics I discuss in this content-rich seminar:

  • Why it’s important to adopt a “marketing mindset” and work harder ON your business than IN it.

  • The only 3 ways to make money in your business.

  • Why EVERY business needs to brand itself.

  • The 9 elements of an effective website.

  • How to develop a social media strategy for your business.

  • The biggest secret to marketing on social media.

  • How to use Email marketing to skyrocket sales.

  • What a “lead magnet” is, the best ones to use and how to use it to grow your following.

  • How to outsource tasks for online marketing—incredibly cheaply.

  • The “secret” to getting the best freelancers at the lowest rate.

  • How to blog the right way to get noticed, build a following and make money.

  • Ways to use the “customer experience” to differentiate yourself from the competition.

  • Why podcasting will continue to grow and is a great option for your business.

  • And much more….

“The Greater DuBois Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development hired Tim Piccirillo to host a training event called “Everything you do is Marketing”. Tim’s program was informative and educational to our members.  Tim also spent the extra time needed with such a large and diverse audience.  Tim’s presentation and his enthusiasm shows in his work and in the material he teaches! Everyone who attended walked away learning something new. We will definitely be working with Tim again in the future!”  

Jodi August, Executive Director

DuBois Chamber of Commerce

DuBois, PA


In addition to the full seminar audio download, I’m going to “sweeten the pot” and give you 2 FREE bonuses:

FREE Bonus #1 – An audio download of my “Success Formula”.  This is an audio program that spells out my success formula  guaranteed to fire you up to build your business even faster!. In it, you’ll learn the steps I’ve used to build my own businesses as well, as reach other goals in my life.. It’s motivational and inspiring and I even tell the story of a fast-food icon (you’ll remember him) who started with nothing at the age 65 and built an empire using this formula.

FREE Bonus #2 -An audio download of my friend and former consulting client Stephanie Irzyck, DOM.  Stephanie built a 6-figure acupuncture practice starting with nothing. She reveals what she did to build her practice then purposely downsized. It’s motivating, uplifting and has several great business–as well as life– lessons in it.

What would you be willing to pay for information that could really grow your business in the online world today? Some would pay hundreds in consulting fees. But you can have this entire audio download—plus the bonuses— for only $29. Yep, you read that right—only $29. I’m practically giving this away (BUT ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME!)  Heck, you spend that much on a dinner at a restaurant, right?

“Tim Piccirillo understands marketing that brings results. This is NOT pie-in-the-sky stuff. This is real-world, results-based techniques that work and best of all, by following Tim’s advice you’ll KNOW when it works because it has built-in testing. In other words, you can’t help but grow your business. Using Tim’s techniques, I’ve grown not one but two completely separate businesses.”

Cris Johnson

Certified Clinical Hypnotist

Niagara Falls, NY

“My Unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee”

I stand behind every product I sell because I know if you use the information in it you’ll get great results like me and so many of my consulting clients do.  So, listen to the program at your leisure as much as you want for 30 days.  If you’re not satisfied with the information just email me and I’ll refund every penny of your money. I KNOW this information works because I use it in my own business! But YOU decide!

Why try to reinvent the wheel? Why try to figure it all out by yourself? I’ve done it All for you. In this “live” seminar Recording I give you information on what’s working NOW online!