Miscellaneous Examples

Tim writes a variety of other types of content that are used for marketing purposes. These include advertorials, website content, Facebook and Google Ads and social media posts.  Content in these forms require the same “sales in print” skill set required to effectively communicate a brand’s message.  Below are some samples….

Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center

Anyone who has ever experienced knee pain caused by arthritis can attest to how debilitating it can be and how it hampers even the simplest of day-to-day tasks. The excruciating pain coupled with limiting regular activities can be maddening.

And, up until now, there have been limited options on how to treat this. Pain medication with all the negative side effects or agonizing surgery of total knee replacement with recovery times that lasts for weeks and even months.

But Now There’s Another Alternative….

The Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center has a treatment that’s not only 100% all-natural and is covered by most insurance companies—-and even Medicare! If the US government approves, you know it works!

For the past 5 years literally thousands of patients have come to The Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center to get our Viscosupplements (or Gel treatments), a revolutionary way to treat arthritic knees. Even though they’re manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, these gels are NOT drugs. They’re all-natural!

 People Are Flocking To This Treatment

There is no cure for arthritis at the present time, regardless of what anyone tells you.

When arthritis affects the knee, the lubricating fluid—synovial fluid—dries up. There is nothing to coat the bones in the joint and they rub and grind together.  Over time the pain steadily worsens because of this until it’s almost unbearable.

Viscosupplement treatment works like a “joint oil”. The gels are injected directly into the knee right where it is needed. It lubricates and cushions your knee—and eliminates the pain— similar to oil lubricating your car’s engine.

Remarkable, huh? A simple injection and NO surgery! And the best part? The injections last up to 6 months on average.  And they’re virtually pain-free as well. We give you a local anesthetic before injecting the gel for your comfort.

Over-the-Counter Supplements
Just Aren’t the Same
You may have heard about glucosamine and chondroitin and even hyaluronic acid. These supplements are given to slow down deterioration of the cartilage in the knee. They’re NOT the same as our injections and many times don’t work at all for some people.  And you can only get gel injections from a doctor.

The Difference In Our Treatment

Your family or orthopedic doctor may do an injection for you. But here’s a BIG problem: Many don’t inject the gel into the part of the knee where it will do the most good. 30% of doctors miss this. That’s a third of all injection treatments!

We don’t. We use advanced low-dose video fluoroscopy so that pinpoints the problem area and shows where the injection needs to go to do the most good. With the fluoroscopy we can make sure the injection is precise and delivers the gel where it needs to go.

Every Case is Individual

Unlike some doctors we don’t take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our gel treatments. Every person is different. We use Hyalgan, Syndics, Supartz or Orthovisc for our injection gels and some work better than others depending on the person.

So, even if you’ve had injection treatments before with no results, chances are that using the right gel will give you the pain relief you need.

Come in for a FREE Screening!

Because we’re simply swamped most of the time with referrals and people wanting our treatment, we only have enough slots for 20 FREE screenings a month.  But because you received our postcard, simply CALL US AT (844) 311- 5633 (KNEE) today and tell the phone specialist you want the “FREE Knee Pain Screening”. This GUARANTEES you’ll get an appointment that works for you—even if you’re after the 20 we allot for the month.

You can come in, tour our facility and we’ll answer any and all questions your may have. CALL US NOW AT (844) 311-5633 (KNEE).

You CAN get your life back and do all the things you used to do without the nagging knee pain? CALL US NOW!!!


The Staff at the Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center

P.S. Remember: our treatment is covered by most major insurances and even Medicare. There is little—if any—out-of-pocket expense for you. CALL US NOW!!!

– Dr. M. Amendolara MD