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Video Sales Letter Examples

Video Marketing is a huge trend that continues to grow. It’s the dominant form of content online with 80% of all online content consumed being video.  Producing video with a compelling message, whether as an introduction to your business on your home page or providing informational and “explainer” videos about your products or services is almost becoming a necessity for a business to compete today.

And to do this effectively, you should have a compelling script that moves and persuades the viewer.  Tim has written dozens of scripts for various marketing campaigns in a variety of industries.  Below are some samples….

Clarity-X Video Script

Hi, this is__________.  With all the almost daily news regarding cyber-attacks where hackers steal customer’s banking, credit card and other information from major companies and literally— millions of people— do you ever worry that this could happen to you?   Well, it’s not very hard to imagine in today’s technology-driven world because it CAN happen to you! That is, if you’re internet-connected devices aren’t protected.

Today, in our fast-paced world  computer “hacking” is a reality and IT companies continually try to stay one step ahead of the hackers with new technologies that will protect businesses from people—-sometimes on the other side of the world—from hacking into their accounts and stealing the data of their customers.

But what about the “regular person” with a nice family who lives quietly in his or her own home with a desktop computer, a smartphone and other devices, including even your car or pacemaker!—all connected to the same internet connection or Wifi?  What if someone hacked into your connection? Did you know that if you’re driving your car that today a hacker could possibly disengage your brakes, speed up your car or even make it change direction? How about if you had a pacemaker that was connected to the internet so that you or your doctor could monitor your heartbeat? What if someone hacked into that? What protection would you have? The thought of it is terrifying to most people!

But there’s a solution.  It’s called “Clarity-X—The Smart Router.”  First, let me explain what a computer “router” is and how it works. A  router is a small electronic device that joins multiple computer networks together via either wired or wireless connections.  It’s job is to simply provide a linking point for the device and the internet. Most routers are not designed to weed out viruses or other “breaches” that could occur. Usually anti-virus software is installed on the device connected to it,  not the router.

 Clarity-X changes all that! It is a “smart router” that takes the place of your regular computer router by  adding multiple levels of protection from cyber-attacks.  It goes way beyond what a “normal” router does by filtering out not only viruses and other potential breaches, but has other security features that include ad-blocking for pesky pop-ups and unwanted ads on your computers and other devices and only lets the ads YOU want through.

Other features include filtering “off-limits” websites for your children, as well as being able to monitor their usage while they’re surfing the internet. We even use “artificial intelligence” (AI). Clarity-X will spot anything out of the ordinary for you and alert you to the threat in real-time.

But one of the best features of Clarity-X is that it has a built-in firewall that ensures connections to outside devices are authorized and wanted thus reducing the damage that could come from malicious software and unknown users—hackers. You hear in the media what major “data breaches” can do. Everything from infecting your computer with a malicious virus to stealing your personal information—-including bank and credit card information.

You may be thinking: “But I’m not tech-savvy and can barely navigate the internet”. Well, have no fear! We developed this with the non-tech person in mind. If you can plug our router in, turn on the device and find the Wifi connection, you don’t have to do anything else.  Clarity-X is truly “plug and play”. Plug it in, let it boot up and it does the rest itself.

We did, however, design it also for people who like to play a bit with new hardware. If you’re like some people and want to tinker with the settings to customize it just for your devices, this smart router has monitoring software built right in so it actually tells you the problem and fixes it automatically.

This device is accessible to virtually everyone—-tech savvy or not.  It’s a revolutionary device for the security and protection of ANY device connected to it.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of a tech solution that takes cyber-security right into people’s homes and protects the average consumer—-not just big business—then this is an investment opportunity you won’t want to miss.  This is truly revolutionary and the upside potential is incredible.  I hope you’ll join us.

“The Shutter Guy” Script

Hi! This is Frank Savalli, better known as “The Shutter Guy”. Thanks for visiting our site.

You already know that shutters can really beautify a home.  With the right kind and style they can really “dress up” a house and make even a plain house really shine.  We also provide all types of window treatments, including blinds and shades.   Did you know that the right window treatments can actually cut your energy costs and even increase the value of your home? It’s true. I have 35 years in the construction field and can provide guidance on—as well as install— all types of shutters and window treatments that are perfect for your home.  And I realize that every client is different, with different tastes and preferences, and I take that into account when consulting with you. Why don’t you call me today at (813) 641-4002 for a FREE consultation. There is absolutely no obligation and I’ll meet and assess your home and, depending on what you want, offer you options for shutters, window treatments or both. So, call me now at (813) 641-4002 and let me, “The Shutter Guy”, make your home sparkle!

AWG Agency Home Page Video Script

Is your business where you want it to be? Do you have all the customers you want? Are you marketing your business on social media sites but not getting the results you want? How about your website? Is it getting all the traffic you need? Do you have an overall online marketing strategy?

We’re the AWG Agency, a full-service digital marketing firm dedicated to growing YOUR local business in the online world.  Through our various services we can help you stand out in the local marketplace, drive traffic to your website and keep your business front and center to your target audience through social media channels and content marketing.

Our team of creative IT professionals can provide a variety of services. These services include search engine optimization, which brings more local and organic traffic to your website.  Website design and development.  Our developers know the best and cutting-edge ways to design a site for your business that is unique and stands out from your competition.

We also do Pay-per-click (PPC) management. If you want to run Google Adwords, our team can develop an ad campaign to target your ideal prospect, and then monitor and tweak it for maximum exposure to the people who want what you have to sell.

As a social media management agency we can also manage your presence on the social media platforms that are right for particular business or niche.  We’ll post relevant content on these sites that is specifically for your ideal customers. This ensures you’re constantly in front of your target audience with content THEY want to read.

Many businesses don’t know how or what to write about to provide content to their audience. Our team of talented writers are versed in a variety of businesses and niches and can write blog posts, articles, social media content and email campaigns that get read. Content marketing today is essential for any business to stay competitive in a crowded online marketplace.  We write content your audience wants!

And finally, we hear all about “branding” today and think that branding is reserved for only big companies.  But the truth is that small local businesses need to brand themselves also to stand out and position themselves uniquely in their particular niche or industry.  Our design professionals can develop a logo and business card—that gets read and kept to help differentiate your business.  They can also design customized infographics that are a unique combination of text and graphics and are an effective way to educate, inform and motivate your target audience.

No matter what your online marketing needs are, AWG Agency can help get your business noticed. Call or email us today!

Video for Landing Page

Hi, I’m Jeff Tobe. Are you aware of the $1 TRILLION available from the federal government for businesses just like yours? Yes, you heard that right: $1 TRILLION DOLLARS! I’m talking about the world of government contracting.  And this money is there for the taking for savvy businesses who know how to navigate the sometimes murky waters of this lucrative arena.  Now, the federal money for a variety of projects and tasks the government would rather contract out to private businesses.  But MOST companies don’t know how to go about writing an effective proposal and win the contract.  Well, my partner and I Dulce Balicki have solved that problem for you.  We’re presenting a two-day seminar right here in Pittsburgh as a beta-test before we launch it nationwide.  In these two intensive days, Dulce and I will teach you how to tap into this literal “pot of gold” by writing a proposal that first of all, GETS NOTICED, has the elements the feds are looking for, is written in the right way—with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed—but also PROVES to the feds you’re the best business to get the job done. We also teach you the mindset you need to adopt to think like the federal advisor who will evaluate your proposal and the steps you need to take to put it all together.  We teach you the entire process and leave nothing out in this content-rich seminar.  And we even provide you with a binder of ALL the information we teach over the two days so that you can have it at your fingertips.  This way, you can refer to it over and over again as you write various proposals.  Dulce is a veteran proposal writer and has been a senior proposal manager in various capacities with 20+ years of highly-diverse experience in a number of industries. She currently owns her own consulting business where she works one-on-one with companies large and small to win government contracts through effective proposals. I’ve been a corporate speaker and trainer for almost 25 years and have partnered with Dulce for this seminar to help companies learn how to get this—virtually—FREE money!  But here’s the good news: because this is a beta test, we’re offering this seminar to businesses in the Pittsburgh area only at an almost 90% discount.  When we go nationwide with this, we’ll be charging $2500 per seat. Here in Pittsburgh though, you can attend the entire 2 days for only $297. And we even guarantee it! If after you attend the first day, you don’t think the information we provide will work for you or your business, we’ll refund every penny of your investment. AND with no questions asked. We KNOW this information could be a game-changer for your business.  Dolce personally, has gotten over $600 million in government contracts over the last 2 decades. She knows what works! And now, we want to teach it to you so you can grow YOUR business. So, click on the “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER” link to register NOW and I’ll see you there!