Are Your “Wealth Wounds” Holding You Back in Your Success?

Are Your “Wealth Wounds” Holding You Back in Your Success?

       I remember over 20 years ago listening to a tape (yes, those were the days of cassette tapes!) by motivational coach Tony Robbins and his message really resonated with me.  He was talking about the “wounds” we have around attracting and holding onto money. It was an interesting listen as I remember but the important thing that stands out for me was that these wounds are actually beliefs we have about money and how these beliefs truly affect our ability to attract the kind of wealth that we want and deserve.

       If you’re like me, you work hard at your business(s) and want to be compensated well for it/them.  Your attitudes about money and wealth can truly affect your work habits, how you price your products and services as well as how hard you work.

       I’ve heard the story of the salesman that had it in his head that he was going to hit $50,000/year every year.  He had this number in his head for years.  He never gave it a thought that he may be able to earn more than that so that when he was close to his goal, he would start coasting and not work as hard. On the other side, if there was a year where he was behind in his sales goals by a certain month, he would scramble to get his numbers up. The point is, he was locked into that number ($50,000) year after year and that kept him stuck.  He hit his number most years but never went over it.  His selling behavior simply kept pace with his beliefs about what he wanted to make, or what he thought he deserved.

       Here are 3 other wealth wounds to be aware of:

       1. Fear of Failure. It’s an age-old problem that a lot of people face. What is failure exactly? It’s simply a result you don’t want. The people who are succeeding the most are the people who are failing the most.  They just get up, dust themselves off and try something else. They know it’s not permanent and that “this too shall pass.”. They continue to follow their goals, changing their approach along the way. And the truly successful folks simply do not give up—no matter what! They realize that if they get a result they don’t like, they try something else until they get the result they want.

       2. Fear of Success. I know, counterintuitive, huh? But it’s a real fear that many people have. What if I become wealthy and I can’t handle it? What if my friends won’t talk to me because I surpassed them and became successful? What if I become too busy and can’t handle all the success? What if, what if, what if? I always counter people’s fears with, “What if you found you LOVED having all the money you needed, to do whatever you wanted? What if you met new friends who supported you in your work endeavors and you had even more in common with them than your current friends?  Turn those what-ifs around to positive questions and see what you come up with. I’ve gone through this in the beginning of my business career and found that success breeds success. In other words, every success I experience spurs me on to stretch myself more. To try different things. To really believe that I CAN do anything I’m passionate about and willing to work for.

       3. It will take too much time and be too much work. This one is pretty much right on the money.  It’s a bonafide fear and also makes sense, IF you’re not passionate about your business and what you do.  In my own case, the line between my work and play has been blurred for years. The most successful and wealthy people who are self-made in this world work very hard at what they do. The “work smart not hard” theory only goes so far. If you expect to do well in your business and generate the amount of money you desire then, make no mistake, you’ll have to work hard for it. The good news? If you love what you do and are passionate about it, it won’t be like work. It will give you a sense of satisfaction you can’t get anywhere else. The money will be a pleasant by-product of work enjoyed and done well.

       Have you examined your wealth wounds today?