“Online Marketing for Your Business—A System That Works!”

“Online Marketing for Your Business—A System That Works!”

When it comes to online marketing, it’s amazing to me how many businesses still don’t utilize the internet and it’s multitude of platforms to its full capacity.  I’ve seen mid-sized businesses and even multi-national corporations that aren’t using online marketing methods to reach their target audience. 

It’s becoming more and more necessary to have a multi-channel approach to online marketing that encompasses your website, social media platforms and lead generation tools.  I’ve always advocated online “marketing systems” to build an audience, build trust and credibility with your brand and generate a continuous stream of leads who “raise their hands” that they’re interested in what you offer.

Does Your Website Work For You?

In addition to the obvious reason for having a website—which is credibility for your business—is your website doing what it’s supposed to do to lead your prospect through the buying journey? It should not only be educating your prospects but get them closer to making a purchase from you.  This is accomplished by first, making it easy to navigate and then giving them enough information to make a decision to buy. 

This is accomplished by answering 3 questions:

1. What action do you want your prospects to take when they visit your           website?

2. What information do you want them to know when they visit?

3. What specifically are your prospects looking for when visiting your website?

Once you figure out the answer to these questions, you can then design (or redesign) your website to accommodate your visitors and lead them down the path to buy.

Social Media

Here is where a lot of businesses miss the boat.  Although it’s really tough to measure ROI on there (aside from paid Facebook, Instagram or other social media ads), it should be a long-term strategy for your marketing.  Posting relevant content that informs, educates or entertains potential prospects regularly on the platforms they frequent is a great way to build trust with your brand. 

The content you post can vary.  Personally, I try to use it all.  I post blogs and articles as well as a daily micro-podcast and videos.  Video continues to get even bigger as a way to deliver content due to its interactive nature. Don’t discount audio either.  Some businesses pull the audio tracks off their videos so that people can still consume their content while driving or doing other tasks where they don’t have to look at their phone or a computer screen. 

Figure out which platforms your target audience is and start posting regularly. Even if you just focus on 1 or 2 like Facebook and Instagram, it’s a great FREE way to get your brand out there and attract people who may not have heard of you otherwise. 

Lead Generation

There are many ways to generate leads including the most popular ways of buying Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as using automated LinkedIn lead generation companies if you sell B2B.  The use of chatbots is trending bigger also.   And no matter what anyone says, email marketing is still a viable form of marketing, if done right. 

I recently implemented a lead generation strategy using 3 different methods within the campaign.  These included:

1. Sending a postcard that directed readers to a landing page.

2. Once they hit the landing page, it triggered a re-marketing campaign.

3. There was a “FREE report” on the landing page where, if the reader downloaded it, would trigger an email sequence (autoresponders) that would drip out every few days reiterating the offer.  

Using one or more lead generation strategies usually involves some costs but it’s effective—and many times necessary—to attract more prospects and customers and should be done on a regular basis. 

Utilizing all three methods above is a simple but complete online strategy I suggest for all businesses.  Having an online presence today is a must to compete in a crowded marketplace. But consistent marketing through the above channels regularly will help you rise above the noise, get noticed and sell more. 

If you need assistance with developing as well as implementing an online strategy, I can help you. Simply email me at tim@timpic.com and I’ll give you a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss the best strategy for your business.  

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