“Why You Need to Increase Your Presence on LinkedIn!”

“Why You Need to Increase Your Presence on LinkedIn!”

LinkedIn is the premier B2B social media platform. It’s no longer simply a resume site where organizations post jobs and people submit there resumes.  It’s been a viable platform for client prospecting and nurturing business relationships. It’s known as the “country club” of social media sites: play a round of golf while discussing business and then close the deal at the clubhouse.   If you do B2B selling, this is one of the best platforms to use for your digital marketing.

It’s one thing to set up a profile on LinkedIn, and it’s another to maximize your presence on there. Here are a few things to take into consideration when you’re looking to get business on LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn currently has the best organic reach of any of the social media platforms: LinkedIn algorithm is a very transparent one.  Your posted content normally has a 72-hour shelf life and if it’s content that people want, it will get shared and sometimes go viral.  

If you do B2B selling, this is the most effective way to reach prospects. More business decision-makers hang out on LinkedIn than anywhere else. Prospecting on  there is easy. And by paying for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can easily target your prospects in a particular industry, nurture connection relationships and drive sales.  

LinkedIn messages have a 100% delivery rate and an almost 100% open rate: LinkedIn messages are no different from email messages— aside from delivery and open rates. What guarantees the delivery rate is the LinkedIn algorithm.  The open rate is stimulated by the fact that the user can check mutual connections and then decide to open the message. Open rates are also enhanced by the fact that LinkedIn shares the common denominator that binds you to the receiver.  Most people look at their messages on there out of sheer curiosity, so it’s a pretty sure bet that your message will get read.

LinkedIn has become a “Facebook for Business”.  People post all kinds of content on the platform now including motivation and even personal info. Gone are the days when you think you can only post business information.  It would still benefit you to post helpful content for business people or people in your target audience but sharing motivational memes, news of your volunteer endeavors and even personal info are all common themes now.

With 550 million users you can prospect on their very cheaply.  Avirtual assistant can help you handle  prospecting on LinkedIn.  I use one for one of my clients to connect with people in their target market. She then follows up with a pre-written message sequence to build and nurture a relationship.  The goal is to lead these connections down a path a buy. There are a ton of VA’s who even specialize in lead generation on LinkedIn. They’re easily found on the platform and there are many of them. 

It’s the perfect platform to project thought leadership: As the best social media platform for business leaders, LinkedIn is the perfect place to establish yourself and your brand as an industry leader and stand out from your competition. Regular posting is encouraged to gain top-of-mind consciousness, establish authority and build trust with your brand—either personal or organizational.  And posting is no longer limited to once a day.  Many people post 10 or more times a day to interact with their followers, engage them and pospect for work. 

Increasing your LinkedIn presence can be the game changer for your business, if you leverage it correctly.  Regular posting, continually making connections and building  business relationships goes a long way in generating new business as well as establishing yourself and your brand as a force to be reckoned with. 

Tim Piccirillo is a business coach, marketing consultant and copywriter who works with small business owner and entrepreneurs to leverage their online presence in order to grow their business.  He can be reached at tim@timpic.com or by calling (352) 638-4284.