“5 Ways to Grow Your Small Business Online”

“5 Ways to Grow Your Small Business Online”

Before making purchasing decisions, most consumers search for recommendations online. They read business reviews through Yelp, search for sellers in Google, or ask for referrals through social media sites. They trust reviews shared online, and that is why every information you share plays a significant role in growing your small business online.

As a small business, there is the challenge of funds you spend on online marketing. But luckily, creating online visibility does not require huge investments. Here are free marketing tips you can use to create a strong online presence. 

Stand Out from the Competition

When looking for ways to stand out, it is essential to know what your competitors are doing. Be familiar with similar local businesses near you and how they carry out marketing campaigns. Check for gaps in service delivery and think of how your business can fill them.

Next, create an online strategy that adopts the best styles from global business giants. Together with results from the local businesses, create substantial marketing campaigns on your website and social media sites. That way, your marketing campaigns will be ahead of local competitors. You also stand a better chance of higher conversion rates if there is a unique aspect to your campaigns. 

Improve Your Search Ranking With On-Page SEO

You may not have enough resources for paid Ads, but you can still create content that ranks. With proper SEO practices, people searching for a service solution, such as yours, can easily find you on the first page of Google. Google has a way of rewarding quality content. Google promotes websites that have put considerable effort into On-page SEO.

On-page SEO involves using the right keywords, title tags, alt tags, and HTML codes for your website. It requires the delivery of quality content, sound content structure, and ensuring excellent page performance. With the right plans and consistency, it is likely to rank better than paid websites. 

Increase Your Brand Visibility

There are several ways you can make your brand visible. First is the use of colors, logos, and brand names your clients associate with your business. A good example is how Coca-Cola makes use of brand visibility to market the business. The red and white colors make them recognizable anywhere. Their unique logo allows consumers to recognize Coca-Cola products anywhere.

But visibility involves more than just colors and logos. It includes creating a professional website and social media sites for your small business. It consists of integrating social media sites to your website through share buttons. By using social media share buttons, it is easy for you and your followers to distribute content to various audiences. 

What is even better is no expert is required to create the website. You can choose a free theme from WordPress, include social media logins, and start sharing content. With the right website integration, you can also share social media photos and videos on your website, thus, promoting your business further.

Create Quality Content For Your Site

They say quality sells, and that’s true for crafting content for your site. A site with good content gets return visitors because it answers most of their questions.  With quality content, you easily convert first-time visitors to clients. 

To better understand what it means to have quality content, here is a list:

ï Killer headlines with the right keywords that clearly explain what your article is about.

ï A strong call-to-action that quickly converts visitors to buyers.

ï Simple and engaging content that is easy to understand and interesting to readers. 

ï  Accurate and original content that is informative and factual.

Consider Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you want success in growing your small business, you need  proper guidelines on your marketing strategy. Content marketing strategies are the plans you make to fulfill marketing goals.

They involve research on your target audience, a better understanding of the products or services they need, and the kind of content they want to see on your page. The content strategy demonstrates who you are and what makes you stand out from the competition. 

When creating a content strategy, include a list of content you want to create, where you want to publish it, and how to track the progress. The best content marketing strategy has an editorial calendar. It has an up-to-date list with each activity outlined, and its importance explained. A small business, with a great content marketing strategy, stands a better chance of reaching more audiences.    


Starting a small business is one thing, and growing it online is another. The growth of a market depends on your determination to succeed. Your consistency in content marketing strategies determines the number of audiences you reach. It does not require considerable resources to develop a small business online, but it needs commitment.

If you need content marketing help, I can create a strategy for you as well as provide a monthly “done-for-you” service.  I can provide relevant content for your social media platforms, blog and LinkedIn articles. Email me now at tim@timpic.com