“5 Mobile Apps That Will Help Grow Your Business”

“5 Mobile Apps That Will Help Grow Your Business”

Every business wants to grow. Both the new and established markets are embracing technologies that assist in staying organized. Though there is still a greater need for sound management, marketing strategies, and employee engagement, most businesses are downloading mobile apps to assist in the fast delivery of services. They understand that with the right mobile apps, the established and emerging markets can boost productivity, thus, increase revenues.

Here, we will discuss five mobile apps that businesses use to encourage growth.


Ever wondered how it would feel to have all your digital content accessible from one place? If you have, then it is time to experience the wonder of having organized online content by downloading the Evernote mobile app. 

Evernote allows you to take notes, either in writing or voice, for future reference. It is a digital notebook that helps you keep track of every thought or idea you may have. With Evernote, it is easy to manage your business ideas while keeping an eye on online projects assigned to team members. 

Evernote allows interaction between team members and always come with reminders for important projects. The reminders ensure timely delivery of projects with frequent reminders for every deadline. And since Evernote works without an internet connection, you always stay informed of upcoming business projects. 

In some instances, you can use Evernote to save complete web pages or social media inboxes. Evernote you to keep massive online content that you may need to check later. In short, Evernote is referred to as the digital notebook or the diary. It is considered most convenient since it offers easy input and fast retrieval of documents. 


Managing receipts and expenses is a significant challenge for most businesses. Imagine this: Your business receives tons of receipts every other day, and you have to keep track of when to approve and reimburse the expenses. It is difficult, and you can often find yourself falling back on payments.

If your business wants an easy and fast way to manage expenses, then downloading the Expensify app is the best decision. All you need to do is take a photo of the receipt. The receipt is immediately captured in the system. After that, the SmartScan technology automatically records the details and categorizes the receipt according to specified codes and departments. 

Better still, Expensify allows for the automatic collection of receipts from employees. If employees save receipts to the app, you can quickly process the payments. Expensify offers a fast solution to receipt management in most businesses. It is recognized among the world leaders in automated expense management.


If you want to reach a greater audience in the online spaces, the best places are on social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram play an essential role in the distribution of new or already created content. 

When planning your content distribution strategies, the best advice is to always increase traffic through social media engagements. But for most people, juggling between different social media sites is difficult. Some think of it as a time-wasting process that requires a lot of time. 

But how about if they learn about an app that allows the management of social media networks from one place? 

Social media management is easy with the Hootsuite app. The Hootsuite app helps you schedule various posts for different social media sites. If you have an excellent schedule, it results in better conversion rates since you can reach diverse audiences.

Hootsuite also allows the sharing of marketing content to relevant sites without the hassle of switching between apps. When using Hootsuite, it is likely your website content takes less time to distribute, saving hugely on time. What’s better is that the Hootsuite app is available in the free and premium version. 


Communication is key to the progressive growth of any business. But if your business only uses email for delivery of information, especially around the workplace, it is possible to get slow or unresponsive replies. It is for this reason that the Slack app plays a vital role in the sharing of information among team members. 

Slack offers three channels of communication: 

  • The public channel that is open to the entire team.

  • The private channel that is open to invited members only.

  • The private messages that allow communication between specific team members.

The channels in Slack ensure complete communication and progressive collaboration between different teams. If certain information is recommended for the whole team, then the leaders can easily convey it and track the recipients of the data.

Better still is how Slack integrates with different apps. You do not have to keep switching between tabs to confirm previous conversations. Your Google Drive, Dropbox, and other apps are easily accessible through the Slack app. 


If your business wants to target customers based on their online behavior, then download the MailChimp app for the right targeting. MailChimp is a useful app for email automation. It helps build relevant customer relationships through email marketing tools, landing pages, and ads. 

For most markets, the first recommendation for an email newsletter is mostly the MailChimp app – and this is for a good reason. MailChimp offers insight on customer-preferred products and services, thus, helping boost productivity. MailChimp also gives analytics on email messages and assist in sending the right emails to the right audiences. 

The Bottom Line 

There you have it, the best selection of apps to help grow your business. With the above apps, you can be sure your communication, finance, marketing, and digital notes are secure and easily accessible. The best part is all the above apps easily integrate with other programs. They are also easily downloadable through the Google Playstore and Applestore.  

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